What clients, colleagues and students are saying about Dr. Helayne Waldman:

“Helayne provides so much information, and such extensive support to our patients, they are thrilled when they walk out the door.  We’re delighted to have her providing breast health and weight management workshops for us.”

— Carolyn Bernstein, NP, Bay Area Breast Surgeons, Oakland, CA


“Working with Helayne on some long-standing digestion problems was like coming into the sunlight after a long, dark night. All the medical profession had been able to offer were invasive exploratory procedures and drugs. Helayne, in contrast, began by asking questions and actually listening to my answers. Over a month or so she drew conclusions from my food diary, changing symptoms and non-invasive test results and then suggested both dietary and behavioral changes as well as adding a few daily supplements to my diet. The result was a dramatic improvement for me, and one that I now know depends on my active role in and responsibility for my ongoing health and well-being.

Thank you, Helayne! It couldn’t have happened without you.”

— Sylvia S., Oakland, CA


“I can always count on Helayne to be up on the latest research, and she never lets me down.  This woman understands nutrition and how it affects everything that goes on in our body and minds! I recommend her to everyone I come across who want to use food and nutrients to get a better handle on their health issues.”

— Deanna G., White Plains, NY


“I always walk away from my time with Helayne feeling more grounded and empowered. She shares her knowledge and experience in a way that is easy to digest (no pun intended).  Helayne roots her counseling in research, and so I never feel I’m out on a limb when opting for different modes of treatment. She competently guides her clients through and beyond our current medical system, especially the scary and overwhelming world of cancer prevention and treatment. I trust Helayne completely and would absolutely recommend any services that she offers!”

— Laura H., Walnut Creek, CA


“I started seeing Helayne initially to work on a nutrition focus to preventing cancer. She is so knowledgeable that our visits expanded into trying to resolve some chronic stomach/digestive issues I have had for years. Helayne has been able to target what we needed to look at,  as well as work toward solutions using diagnostic tests, diet and supplements. I am feeling so much better! It’s amazing! I am very grateful for her insights and help.”

— Sharon H., Castro Valley


“Helayne has been a godsend in helping me understand and manage my risk factors for breast cancer. I lost my mother to breast cancer, had an early puberty, and have always had very dense, fibrocystic breasts. So naturally, I’m concerned. But Helayne works through everything methodically – diet, hormones, nutrients – and has left me feeling I have a lot more control over what happens to my body then I ever imagined possible.”

— Miriam K., Columbia, Maryland


“When my daughter complained of intestinal problems and skin rashes, Helayne got right to the source of the problem by suggesting a stool panel which revealed an intestinal parasite. My daughter is now in treatment for this with her internist and both the pain and rashes have subsided significantly.  Helayne has great hunches and is the perfect partner for someone who wants to use the best of both Western and nutritional approaches to health.”

— Susan G., Los Angeles, CA

 “Knowledge is powerful when you take action with it. Turning-the-Tables offers nutrition in action. … a great way to get into action and take charge of your health.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        — JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFI, Co-host, “Freaky Eaters” (TLC)


“Helayne’s nutrition consults are a godsend for my patients who need a knowledgeable, encouraging, nutritional guide… and who doesn’t?”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   — Michael Rosenbaum, M.D., Corte Madera, CA


“I was a student of Helayne’s at Bauman College, and, impressed with her knowledge, I decided to work with her on a number of my “women’s” issues.  I was also going through major changes in my life emotionally. Helayne was thorough, encouraging, and helpful at every turn. I now recommend her to all of my friends, whether they are dealing with breast cancer, hormonal issues, or general weight and energy concerns.  She’s my “go-to” East Bay nutrition professional!”

— Debbie M., San Mateo, CA

“What a wonderful, spirited woman and teacher you are! Thank you for holding us so firmly and gracefully.”

— Marissa B., San Francisco, CA


“Many, many thanks for your patience and understanding in guiding us. It was a true joy having you as a teacher – your warmth and approach was wonderful and effective!”

— Ali L., San Francisco, CA


“Thanks for believing in us, pushing us and teaching us”

— Emily A., San Francisco, CA