Secrets for the Wise Years

It’s no secret our bodies change radically as we age.  Our bellies grow.  We produce few enzymes and hormones and more inflammatory chemicals.  It’s more difficult to maintain muscle and bone mass, more difficult to stay flexible, and more taxing to remember details.

But unhealthy aging is not inevitable.  Mother Nature has provided the building blocks for healthy aging in abundance and nutritional science has devised ingenious ways to help you take advantage of Nature’s treasures.

Helayne can step with you through the secrets for maintaining your edge, no matter what the calendar says.  We will look at:

  • How and why we age
  • What your blood work reveals about your aging process
  • Testing for metabolic efficiency
  • Reducing cardiovascular risk factor
  • Controlling blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Maintaining healthy weight, digestion and immune function
  • Maximizing bone density

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